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Welcome to the Research Data Network. This is a site to exchange information on research data management and related topics within the UK research information management sector. We hope that the site can build a body of useful resources, help people share up to minute developments, practices and develop new ideas.

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As many have found out in recent months (if not years), resources to support making the case for research data management are thin on the ground. We have started a collection here, some of which we have produced ourselves and some of which have been suggested by others. If you're aware of any resources not listed below please login and suggest an edit. Alternatively, contact

These resources are all being made available under a CC BY 4.0 licence unless otherwise stated.

Publications - general

High Level Business Case - published by Jisc

Case studies

Case Studies - published by Jisc
Individual Case studies - published byJisc
#dataimpact eBook - published by Australian national data service (ands)

Tool kits

cessda Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit - Published by the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives
LEARN Project Research Data Management Toolkit - Published by the LEARN Project
RISE, Research Infrastructure Self Evaluation Framework - Published by DCC

Slide decks