Research Data Network

Research Data Network

Welcome to the Research Data Network. This is a site to exchange information on research data management and related topics within the UK research information management sector. We hope that the site can build a body of useful resources, help people share up to minute developments, practices and develop new ideas.

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Technical Infrastructure Diagram for RDM architectures are available here.


RDMTI Dataflow v3

John A. Lewis (2015)

JISC draft architecture for Research data systems

John Kaye (2015)

JISC RDM architecture annotated

John Kaye (2015)

JISC RDM Top level architecture

John Kaye (2016)

RDM workflows and integrations for HEIs using hosted services

Addis, Matthew (2015)

Monash research data ecosystem

David Groenewegen / Monash University Library (2015)

Private Research, Shared Research, Publication, and the Boundary Transitions

Andrew Treolar (2012)

UoS RDM Figshare Models

John A. Lewis (2015)


Addis, Matthew; Miles-Board, Tim (2015)

The four quadrants of research data curation

Lewis, S. (2013)

Lancaster University's Research Data Management architecture (May 2016)

Khokhar, M. (2016)