Institutional policies


List of Data Policies available on the DCC website

For an extensive list of data policies please view the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) web resource.

A detailed spreadsheet evaluating individual policies is also available:

Horton, L and DCC (2014) 'Overview of UK Institution RDM Policies', Digital Curation Centre. Available at:

Horton, L. (2016) UK Higher Education Institution Research Data Management Policies, 2009-2016. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 852487,

Journal Policies

There are a wide variety of organisations and studies with an interest in Journal data policies and their impact on research data management practices. Links to policies, resources and articles from some of these are below.

Published articles

Funder policies


Sherpa Juliet

A searchable list of funder's Open Access Policies can be found on the Sherpa Juliet web site

The policies are presented in a clear standardised format - see here for an example - with links back to the original information sources.

The site is updated through community contributions .