How to suggest a new tool or service

There are three ways of doing this.

  1. Suggesting an edit
  2. Asking a question
  3. Email

In all cases, adding as much detail as possible (why the tool or service should be added, what it does, your connection to the tools or service, etc.) will help the site admins categorise and place your suggestion.

##Method 1—Suggest and edit
Navigate to the area where you think your nominated tool or service best resides and use the Suggest edits functionality to suggest an addition.

##Method 2—Use the Discussion & Suggestions area
Navigate to the "Research Data Network website features" area and either add to an existing discussion or ask a new question.

Note: you will need to be logged in in order to make a suggestion.

Method 3—Email

If want to make your suggestion is a slightly less public forum and/or without registering you can email the site admins. Please put "Research Data Network suggestion" in the subject