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Research Data Network

Welcome to the Research Data Network. Jisc set up this site for you to exchange information on research data management and related topics within the UK research information management sector.

We have now produced a research data management toolkit

Go there to have your questions about RDM answered and leave us some feedback if you think part of the kit needs updating, or additional resources. You can find hot topics, links from the research data lifecycle and even access your local RDM pages from our toolkit:

We still want to collect a body of useful resources, help people share up to minute developments, practices and develop new ideas, but the toolkit will be the place to do that. This network site will be closed by end 2018. Most of the material has already been migrated into the toolkit, but our working group will review what's here before closure.

Also, if you are interested, you could get involved with our working group, just get in touch using the free text in the comment form:

Get Started    

One of the key areas highlighted by stakeholders when scoping the Research @ Risk initiative were the questions of:

  • "How do you cost research data management?", and
  • "How do you make the case for research data management?"

In order to address these questions the Business case and costing project was initiated.

Due to the high demand for this material we have chosen to publish some of the interim results here.

Further iterations and formats will also be published here and on the Jisc website as and when they become available.,

High Level Business Case
Case Studies
Advocacy Resources

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