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Research Data Network

Welcome to the Research Data Network. Jisc set up this site for you to exchange information on research data management and related topics within the UK research information management sector.

We have now produced a research data management toolkit

Go there to have your questions about RDM answered and leave us some feedback if you think part of the kit needs updating, or additional resources. You can find hot topics, links from the research data lifecycle and even access your local RDM pages from our toolkit:

We still want to collect a body of useful resources, help people share up to minute developments, practices and develop new ideas, but the toolkit will be the place to do that. This network site will be closed by end 2018. Most of the material has already been migrated into the toolkit, but our working group will review what's here before closure.

Also, if you are interested, you could get involved with our working group, just get in touch using the free text in the comment form:

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Research Data Network Events

Information on past and upcoming RDN events


The Research Data Network events are a series of research data network workshops, which aim to bring together people in the higher education sector to exchange knowledge around the practical implementation of research data management (RDM). It offers participants a place to demonstrate practical research data management implementations and to discuss current issues relating to research data in institutions.

The event is aimed at anyone interested in research data management including research data management practitioners, institutional staff who are investigating the implementation of research data management systems, as well as system suppliers and developers who are working with universities on research data management. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to be demonstrating something to attend. Those who only want to network and observe are welcome.

Submit an idea

RDN events include a mix of Jisc and community updates in the programme. If you would like to submit an idea for the next event please add it to the following page - Topics for discussion at future RDN events.

Who should attend

These events will be of interest to anyone engaged in research data management, including those developing services and solutions, funders and policy makers in this space.

RDN Events

Please select the event link for further information on the event's programme and links to slides.

RDN Event





18 May 2016

University of Cardiff

RDN Cardiff


6 September 2016

University of Cambridge

RDN Cambridge


30 November 2016

University of St Andrews

RDN St Andrews


27-28 June 2017

University of York

RDN York




Holding Page




Holding Page

For further information, or to request hosting a future event, please contact Daniela Duca.

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Research Data Network Events

Information on past and upcoming RDN events

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