How to submit a finalised document to the site

Many files of interest to Research Data Network user will have reached a stage where they are suitable to be published as an official version. We want to encourage authors to deposit their work in a suitable repository where it will have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and will be discoverable/citable. This in turn will allow us to publish a link to it.

The process for getting the file visible through this website is quite straight forward:

  1. Upload the file to your chosen repository
  2. Tell us you've done so
  3. We place a link the file in the appropriate place on the site

Uploading files

There are many repositories available so if you have a preferred repository please feel free to use that. For those who don't have easy access to a repository (or don't want to use their normal deposit process) we have set up our own curated area on Zenodo at Research Data Network.

Using Zenodo

The Zenodo upload process is simple:

  1. Go to the Research Data Network.curated area.
  1. If you haven't got a Zenodo account register for one (you can use your ORCID or GitHub ID to set-up an account if you have either of those. Alternatively use your normal email address).
  2. Login to Zenodo
  1. Click on Upload
  2. Select the files you want to upload (you can upload more that one file at a time from your computer or from Dropbox) and then click on Start Upload
  3. Add any additional information as required

If you upload through the Research data Network curated area we should be notified automatically. However, its would probably a good idea to email the site admins (see below).

Alternatively, if the file is small enough, you could send it directly to the site admins with some abstract information and we can upload it for you.
Please add a brief abstract to your email. The template below suggests some core information you might want to include, but feel free to wax lyrical.
Name or Author(s):
File Description / Use case:
Suggested website category:
If you're having upload problems and the file is too large for email contact us and we'll find a workaround.

Tell us

When you've uploaded your file please let us know by sending an email to the site admins with some information about the file's use case and where the file should be linked from on the Research Data Network site. We will let you know we've got your message and will then link to the file on the site. This is NOT an automated process so please allow the humans on the end of the email time to react before following up. Usually a couple of working days should do it, but if there is a need for extensive formatting it might take longer.

After the link is live on the site we will normally make an announcement asking for collaboration through the usual channels.