Active Data Management

Tools for active data management - disciplinary and cross disciplinary

Active data: data that is able to evolve and be monitored
Active data management tools: technical tools and software used by researchers to organise (and analyse in a very light way) active data

All inclusives

Open Science FrameworkA comprehensive platform for running research projects, some capabilities include: managing project, sharing files, project analytics, archiving data, control access and collaboration.

Active repositories/catalogues and software

DataVaultSoftware platform that allows researchers to select, describe, and package their data for long term archival storage. The Data Vault platform will then manage the transfer of the data archive packages into the archival storage (local or cloud), subsequent data access requests, their retention and review, and ultimately their deletion if no longer required.
Trunk DBA cloud-hosted database as service.
myExperimentA collaborative environment where scientists can safely publish their workflows and in silico experiments, share them with groups and find those of others.
ChemBioHubChemiReg (record, index and search compounds), InventoryReg (keep track of items in the lab)
iRODSThe Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is open source data management software for storing, searching, organizing, and sharing files and datasets that are large, important, and complex.

Virtual research & workflow environments

see also and comment on: Jisc #codesign16 challenge for the next research environments

LabTroveThe LabTrove application enables researchers to share their experimental plans, thoughts, observations and achievements with the wider online community in a secure, semantically rich and extensible manner.
TavernaOpen source and domain-independent Workflow Management System – a suite of tools used to design and execute scientific workflows and aid in silico experimentation.
BlueBRIDGEOngoing project funded by Horizon2020 to build research environments for fostering innovation, decision making, governance and education to support blue growth; focused on acquaculture and marine resources.
MuGMultiscale complex Genomics - ongoing project funded by Horizon2020 to buildvirtual research environments to support the use of HPC in 3D/4D genomics.
OpenDreamKitOngoing project funded by Horizon2020 to build a flexible toolkit enabling research groups to set up Virtual Research Environments, customised to meet the varied needs of research projects in pure mathematics and applications and supporting the full research life-cycle from exploration, through proof and publication, to archival and sharing of data and code.
VI-SEEMOngoing Horizon2020 funded project to build a user-friendly integrated e-Infrastructure platform for regional cross-border Scientific Communities in Climatology, Life Sciences, and Cultural Heritage for the South East and East Mediterranean region; by linking compute, data, and visualization resources, as well as services, models, software and tools.
VRE4EICHorizon2020 funded project catering to all EU member states and EFTA countries: to build a Europe-wide multi-disciplinary VRE.
West-LifeHorizon2020 funded project to build a world-wide e-infrastructure for structural biology.
labfolderLabfolder offers a platform for the management of data in scientific laboratories. Labfolder helps to plan and document experiments and to connect data from all sources in laboratories (people, teams, processes, devices, material and databases) on a singular platform.

More about VRE tools:

Light analysis

BRISSKitA set of standalone or integrated open source web-based database tools (including i2b2, RedCap, Obiba Onyx, OpenSpecimen, civiCRM, DataShield), tailored for NHS research use, to assist researchers with collecting
and managing biomedical data; including patient cohort management, specimen management, survey and questionnaire capture and data warehousing/querying.
i2b2 HiveA software system to assist with the use of patient medical data for research.

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