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EUDAT’s vision is Data is shared and preserved across borders and disciplines. Achieving this vision means enabling data stewardship within and between European research communities through a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), a common model and service infrastructure for managing data spanning all European research data centres and community data repositories.

European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline can preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment, as part of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure a network of collaborating, cooperating centres, combining the richness of numerous generic and community-specific data repositories with the permanence and persistence of some of Europe’s largest scientific data centres.

EUDAT offers heterogeneous research data management services and storage resources, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network distributed across 15 European nations and data is stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers.

EUDAT is a Service-oriented, Community driven, Sustainable and Integrated initiative. For more information on the EUDAT services, check out the Service Catalogue.

One of EUDAT’s main ambitions is to bridge the gap between research infrastructures and e-Infrastructures through an active engagement strategy, using the communities that are in the consortium as EUDAT beacons and integrating others through innovative partnerships. Practical examples of this engagement strategy is illustrated through the Use Cases.

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Jisc is one of over 30 partners of EUDAT.



EUDAT runs webinars, user forums/meetings, conferences, training and summer schools. See upcoming events for the latest information.

EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI)

To date, over 20 major European research organisations (including Jisc), data and computing centres have signed an agreement to sustain the EUDAT – pan European collaborative data infrastructure for the next 10 years giving the birth to the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (or EUDAT CDI).

The EUDAT CDI is essentially a European e-infrastructure of integrated data services and resources to support research. This infrastructure and its services have been developed in close collaboration with over 50 research communities spanning across many different scientific disciplines and involved at all stage of the design process. The establishment of the EUDAT CDI is timely with the imminent realization of the European Open Science Cloud which aims to offer open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines.

Data Management

Since its inception, the EUDAT project has been working with various European research communities to identify the types of services that researchers commonly need for handling research data and then developing the most relevant of those services. EUDAT is currently offering a range of services through its CDI nodes, and is also in the process of developing further useful services. The services that end users see can be divided into four main areas as follows:

  • [Data Access & Reuse](
  • [Data Preservation](
  • [Data processing and analysis](Data processing and analysis)
  • [Sensitive Data Management](Sensitive Data Management)


Covering both access and deposit, from informal data sharing to long-term archiving, and addressing identification, discoverability and computability of both long-tail and big data, EUDAT services aim to address the full lifecycle of research data.

  • B2SAFE, Replicate Research Data Safely
  • B2STAGE, Get Data to Computation
  • B2FIND, Find Research Data
  • B2SHARE, Store, Share and Publish Research Data
  • B2DROP, Sync and Exchange Research Data
  • B2ACCESS Identity and Authorization platform
  • B2HANDLE Register your research data