How to submit a work in progress draft or rough document to the site

Part of the remit of the Research data Network is to allow for the community to collaborate on work in progress. Normally the initial collaboration and development would be undertaken by a relatively small group (or even an individual) using whatever shared space suited the group—Google Docs for instance. However, such tools aren't often suited for wider collaboration with a larger group. And that's where this part of the web site comes in. We're providing space for the community to comment on and suggest additions to rough drafts with a view to turning the draft into a polished product.

The process is quite straight forward:

  1. Upload the document to our shared space
  2. Tell us you've done so
  3. We place the document in the appropriate place on the site
  4. Collaboration begins!

Uploading documents

We have set up our own file upload area using OwnCloud at Research Data Network OwnCloud

If possible please upload an abstract at the same time telling us a little about the file you've uploaded. The template below suggests some core information you might want to include, but feel free to wax lyrical.
Name or Author(s):
File Description / Use case:
Suggested website category:

Alternatively, if the file is small enough, you could send it directly to the site admins with the abstract information.

If you're having upload problems and the file is too large for email contact us and we'll find a workaround.

Tell us

When you've uploaded it please let us know by sending an email to the site admins. We will let you know we've got your message and will then put the file up on the site. This is NOT an automated process so please allow the humans on the end of the email time to react before following up. Usually a couple of working days should do it, but if there is a need for extensive formatting it might take longer.

After the file is live on the site we will normally make an announcement asking for collaboration through the usual channels.